Materials that inspire us
  • Scoobie Wire
  • Recycled Material
    • Recycled Sari Fabric
    • Recycled Glass
    • Recycled Buttons
    • Repurposed Potato Bags
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us655 Necklace - Single Woven Disk - Wireblend with tassel

A necklace made of a disk woven with scoobie wire and copper wire. The disk hangs on platted wax cotton. The necklace weighs 26g and it's 70cm long.
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Us45 Scoobie Wire Wrapped Spiral - half

A bracelet made of scoobie (plastic coated) wire wrapped around 'memory wire', which retains its coiled shape. This bracelet is available is over 26 color combinations and single colors. Weight:18g,Width:2cm and 7cm diameter.

us23 Bracelet - Leather & Scoobie Single

Bracelets made of scoobie wire wrapped on the leather strap. They are wrapped in 4 different designs.

us816 Necklace crochet beaded Rope with detail pattern

A 2m Crochet beaded rope necklace with a 20cm detailed pattern. It weighs 92g.