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Us2 Scoobie spiral 2

A small contemporary styled bracelet made from scoobie wire (plastic coated wire) that is threaded onto memory to retain its shape. The bracelet is durable and not heavy on the arm. Beads are used to enhance the colors of the scoobie wire while creating a classy look for the bracelet. This product is available in more than 40 possible color combinations.
SKU: us2
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Us20 Scoobie Wire Wrapped Spiral

A bracelet made of scoobie (plastic coated) wire wrapped around 'memory wire', diameter 6.5, which retains its coiled shape. This bracelet is available is over 26 color combinations and single colors. It weighs 36g.

Us823 Wrapped Scoobie on rubber necklace -3-

A contemporary style necklace that is designed to hang "a symmetrical" for a dramatic look. It can either be worn as shown with the wrapped coil, or with a pendant (us101

Us29 Scoobie Color Block - small

A small 3 coil bracelet made from scoobie wire highlighting a contrast of 2 colors. Weight: 12g With: 1cm Diameter: 7cm