Materials that inspire us
  • Scoobie Wire
  • Recycled Material
    • Recycled Sari Fabric
    • Recycled Glass
    • Recycled Buttons
    • Repurposed Potato Bags
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Us1200 Scoobie Round Earring

A scoobie wrapped large ring with a firifiri wrapped around it to create a bold look. Weight: 10g Length: 5.5cm With: 3.5CM
SKU: us1200
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Us20 Scoobie Wire Wrapped Spiral

A bracelet made of scoobie (plastic coated) wire wrapped around 'memory wire', diameter 6.5, which retains its coiled shape. This bracelet is available is over 26 color combinations and single colors. It weighs 36g.

Us1207 Double Rings Earring

A contemporary style earring made of two scoobie wrapped rings in different colors. Weight:8g Length: 4.5cm Width: 2.5cm

us826 Single Wooven Disk Necklace

A contemporary quirky necklace, that will add character to any outfit you wear it with. Weight: 24g Length: 70cm