Materials that inspire us
  • Scoobie Wire
  • Recycled Material
    • Recycled Sari Fabric
    • Recycled Glass
    • Recycled Buttons
    • Repurposed Potato Bags
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A vast array of scoobie wrapped or woven neckalces to suit all different tastes.

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us822 Necklace-Scoobie chain nests - 80cm

A soft 80cm necklace made of scoobie nest. It weighs 26g.

Us823 Wrapped Scoobie on rubber necklace -3-

A contemporary style necklace that is designed to hang "a symmetrical" for a dramatic look. It can either be worn as shown with the wrapped coil, or with a pendant (us101

Us825 Scoobie Chain Long

An elegant, light weight, contemporary styled necklace available in a single color or all our combinations. Weight: 12g Length: 70cm

us826 Single Wooven Disk Necklace

A contemporary quirky necklace, that will add character to any outfit you wear it with. Weight: 24g Length: 70cm

Us827 Double Ring Necklace

A very short necklace that has two scoobie wrapped rings. The outer ring diameter is 48cm while the inside rings diameter is 46cm. It's closed at the back with a lobster clasp on an extension chain.

Us835 Short Scoobie wire wrapped rings necklace

Size: L70cm x W3cm. A necklace of wire rings wrapped in scoobie (plastic coated) wire, with a lobster clasp.

Us836 Long Scoobie Wire wrapped rings Necklace

A 120cm long dramatic necklace, made from scoobie wrapped wire rings. It can be worn long or doubled around the neck for a more dramatic look. It weighs 92g.

us840 Oval bead necklace - Long

A single bead necklace that is strung on wrapped rubber cord. Weight: 36g Length: 70cm Ball size: 20mm