Materials that inspire us
  • Scoobie Wire
  • Recycled Material
    • Recycled Sari Fabric
    • Recycled Glass
    • Recycled Buttons
    • Repurposed Potato Bags
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A small range of small, medium and large chandeliers made from glass, buttons or recycled sari fabric.

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us 750 PET - Lampshade Barrel - Large

A Lampshade made of Scoobie wire woven on a 2L plastic bottle that is cut into small strips.22cm diameter x 28cm deep.

Us703 Sari Flower Chandelier

A two fringe chandelier made from recycled sari flower pieces. The chandelier is 32cm wide and 65cm long. It is available in cool colors, warm colors, pastel colors or a mixed array of colors.

Us704 Botton Fringe Chandelier

A two or three tier chandelier made from white buttons. Available in standard size (65cm long) and small (30cm long)

us751 PET - Lampshade Barrel - Medium

A medium lampshade barrel made of scoobie wire woven on a strips of plastic bottles

us760 Light - Woven Cable - Fishing Basket

A hanging light made with woven cable.

us770 Light - Coiled Copper

A 40cm long and 25cm wide light made with coiled copper wire.

us771 Copper crocheted light - Windsock

A 40cm long Windsock shape light crocheted with copper wire.