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A vast array of scoobie wire wrapped bracelets.

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Us30 Scoobie Patchwork Bangles

A set of 5 scoobie wrapped bangles, each bangle wrapped with two different colors within the color combination. Weight:32g Diameter:7cm

Us31 Scoobie Bangles with Focal

A set of three scoobie wrapped bracelets in a color combination that are wrapped together with a coil. Weight:20g Width:1.3g Diameter:7cm

Us45 Scoobie Wire Wrapped Spiral - half

A bracelet made of scoobie (plastic coated) wire wrapped around 'memory wire', which retains its coiled shape. This bracelet is available is over 26 color combinations and single colors. Weight:18g,Width:2cm and 7cm diameter.

Us46 Scoobie Fan Design

Scoobie wrapped spiral bracelet, with 5 spirals and a layered fan design in the front of the bracelet. Weight:36g Width:4.5cm Diameter:7cm

us55 Bracelet - Crochet Beaded with Pattern-Cotton

A bracelet with patterns crocheted with cotton and beads. It's 7cm diameter and weigh 10g.

us602 Bracelet - Wire Blend double spiral

A bracelet made with scoobie wire components blended with copper wire. Diameter: 7cm weight:16g

us603 Bracelet - Wire Blend - Spiral (8) coils

A bracelet made with Scoobie and copper wire wrapped on a 8 coiled memory wire. Weight: 44g Diameter: 7cm

us604 Bracelet wore blend colour block (9)

A bracelet made of scoobi wrapped on a 9 coils of memory wire. Weight: 40g Diameter: 7cm